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Using Art Journals for Emotional Literacy

So on March 12, 2020, I was in Dallas, Texas at the American Montessori Society Annual Event. I was honored to have the opportunity to present a 1/2 day workshop called Using Art for Emotional Literacy.

This was right in the midst of our global pandemic, and as you can imagine, it was a crazy time. I DID get to present to a very small group of about 30 distracted people along with my colleague Spramani Elaun from Nature of Art for Kids.

Just as we finished up, someone came by and posted a note on our door that said, “We are closed” Go home.

UGH! Well, rather than going home, Spramani and I buckled down and got to work designing a masterclass from our presentation.

This 4-part series course is designed to guide you, in guiding your students and children, in beginning to gain an understanding of emotional literacy.

We begin with feelings, move on to how to get calm, finding joy, and finally all about community.

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