Parenting With Kristen


We are delighted to offer a variety of consulting services including staff training and in-service, Montessori mentor-ship (for new teacher who might need a bit extra support) and parent classes. Please contact us directly so that we can discuss options and prepare a quote.

Positive Discipline for Teachers

Teachers will enjoy an opportunity to work with their team to practice some key activities that help re-frame or reset our mindset as we deal with our interactions with our students.

Reach out to explore options, email at
(online options are available)

Positive Discipline for Parents

Gather a group of parents for a FREE 2 hour overview of Positive Discipline parenting. Options available for 6-8 week course at your school with minimum enrollment.

We are also equipped to deliver online.

Using Art Journals for Emotional Literacy

Kristen has partnered with international art instructor, Spramani Elaun, to deliver a 4-part masterclass called, Using Art Journals for Emotional Literacy.

The course is offered through-out the year and dives deep into creating opportunities to talk to your students and children about emotions and then setting them up to process with art-activities.

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